Family Life

Youth Retreat 143Probably the number one “ministry” of His Love Christian Fellowship is the ministry of families. We believe the Lord should be the center of every family – from the marriage to raising children to maintaining a home where His presence dwells. This also means we believe in living in accountability with each other so that we can all grow in the Lord as one big happy church family.

Everyday Life

We promote ministering wherever God has placed you. Some are called to the work place, others to the streets, and still others to preaching in the church. We don’t have a defined ministry department per say but everyone who is a part of His Love Christian Fellowship becomes the ministry department. They carry the light of Jesus every where they go and that’s what we believe God wants.

Youth Ministry

God has blessed us with lots of little ones! We believe the kids should be a part of our services and so our “youth ministry” is much the same as our “adult ministry”. Our kids attend the same worship service, hear the same message preached, enter into the same prayer meetings, and are included in the same altar calls. We don’t believe there is a junior Holy Spirit.

Our Worship Team

Our worship team consists of individuals in the church who have felt called to give their time and talents to worship the Lord. We believe in living a lifestyle of worship and we encourage this for everyone who attends our church. Just because you may not have a voice to sing or an instrument to play, God loves it when you worship Him. Because we believe this, we see the congregation just as much a part of the worship team ministry as those on stage.