Our History

The Start

After driving for years to Bloomington to attend church, Ron and Teresa McNeil (wanting something closer) felt led to start His Love Christian Fellowship in 1991. With years of experience in leading house group meetings, they met as a church for the first time on Easter Sunday.

Beginning Goal

kingdom-button Ron and Teresa’s goals weren’t to create a mega-church or build a career as a pastor. Their one desire and goal was to seek God’s Kingdom together with their friends and family. This has always been the goal of the church and always will be.

The Core

A huge part of the Kingdom of God, Ron and Teresa believed, was godly families. This soon became a central part of His Love Christian Fellowship as mothers, fathers, and children came together to seek God. That’s why today you will find the young and old worshiping together and listening together throughout the church services.

Our Emphasis

With the family at the center of our ministry, His Love Christian Fellowship continues to emphasize whole marriages, godly parents, and obedient children seeking God together to establish a heritage for generations to come.

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